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How To Create A Staging Site For Wordpress

1. In Cpanel go to Domain Names and click on Subdomains.
2. Create a subdomain (example staging) then click create.
3. Install an SSL for the subdomain (might have to have A2Hosting do this part).
3. Under Softaculous Apps click on the Wordpress.
5. Scroll down to see Current Installations.
6. Under options click on "Create Staging".
7. On the next page you will be able to select the "Subdomain" for the installation.
8. It takes a few minutes, once complete you will be able to log into the admin are with the same login credentials.
9. Now you can work on the duplicate site and make all your updates and changes. 
10. When done, simply click the "Push To LIve" icon to upload all the changes.
11. RECOMMEND: It is highly recommended that you create a BACKUP of the current Wordpress installation before pushing to live.