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How Important Is Collecting Emails For Your Business?

Simple answer: Very important!

Email addresses are the most important thing for your business. You may say why do I need email addresses, I have Facebook and Google+ with plenty of contacts. Remember, you do not own Facebook or Google+. Think of them as rented brands – they allow you to talk to your customers. Google and Facebook are constantly changing their algorithm.  Do you want to be penalized without knowing what you did wrong? If you own an email list, you don’t have to worry about the rules being changed because you make the rules. You will still be able to promote your business to all your customers and prospects by email. Add Email Capture to your website HERE.


It’s easy to start collecting email address.  See the tips below.

1.     Get a Marketing Page to collect email addresses.

    a.      A Marketing Page has an email capture with autoresponder. When a customer fills out the form on the marketing page the information goes directly to your email.

    b.     When asking for your customers’ email address make sure you are offering them something of value in exchange.  Make it interesting like an e-book, coupon, early access to a product or a prize.

2.     Use Facebook to do a little advertising. It is a very affordable way to grow your email list. The customers are also pre-disposed to buy what you sell when you target your ads to a specific group.

3.     If you have a newsletter, you can also use that to collect their email address. Have the link to your newsletter on your website by a pop up so visitors can sign up via their email address.

4.     Have a give away contest. You can collect tons of emails because people will want what you are giving away. The contest can run for a month and the prize can be anything from money to a product.

5.     Lastly – just ask for it when you someone purchases a product.

One of the first thing I do in the morning is look at my emails. This is probably what many people do too. Before you send the email make sure your customer or prospect will want to read your email.  Always ask yourself – would I want to read one of the emails I and sending? Use that knowledge when creating your emails.

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