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About Us

As Internet Marketers for over 20 years, we understand the struggles when it comes to building a successful business. We like to consider ourselves as a "Boutique Marketing Company", big enough to make a difference and small enough to provide that personal touch. We specialize in website design, Marketing Pages, lead generation, digital marketing and advertising. 

Increase leads & sales with a marketing page. We custom build marketing pages (also known as landing pages) that are pre-designed websites perfect for the entrepreneur and small businesses looking to have an Internet presence for their products and services starting at $299. We offer premium Real Estate Marketing Pages customized for your specific needs to promote your listings, promote your open houses and capture leads to begin the sales funnel. We refer to them as “Your Online Business Card!” 😀

We also custom build eCommerce websites that are are ideal to for any type of business to promote your product(s) or service(s) and WordPress blogs designed to tell the world who you are and what you do. Proud member and supporter of the Clayton Chamber of Commerce.


Tony Molinaro – Internet Marketer

My name is Tony Molinaro, Internet Marketer since 1997. I stumbled across the Internet when it was called the “World Wide Web”. What started as a hobby, grew into a successful and profitable business with Your Marketing Page. Our company was started because I noticed so many people promoting their corporate website and losing sales.

• Internet Entrepreneur
• Blogger/Marketer for 20 years
• SEO Pro
• WordPress Specialist 
• Branding and Web Design
• Specialize in Lead Generation
• Social Media Marketing Strategist

Today, it’s a whole different world. New marketing systems, technology and social media continues to emerge making it easier for everyone to be successful. Starting an online business has never been easier. But in order to stay ahead of these curves you must be willing to make changes and advancements to your business.


Hilary Frei – Business Specialist

Offering coaching, implementation and support for your successful venture into the online community.

• 20+ Years as a Customer Care Specialist
• Business Implementation Specialist
• Winner of the Prestigious “Mark Of Excellence Award”
• Internet Entrepreneur
• Blogger/Marketer
• Social Media Fanatic

Hilary Frei started working with Preloaded Websites in 2013. Having thrived in the corporate world for 20 years, she is result oriented and very passionate about training and customer care. She worked for a century old corporation.

She had the honor of being one of the few individuals to win the “Mark of Excellence Award” for training and project implementation during her employment. She has 30 years of proven success in helping teams and individuals realize their dreams. Now it’s your turn!

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage. Anais Nin

Michele Molinaro – Lifestyle Liaison

As an Internet entrepreneur, I bring my expertise in graphic design along with my marketing strategies when it comes to our marketing pages.

• Internet Entrepreneur
• Real Estate Agent
• Decades of Business and Sales Experience
• Graphic Artist
• Marketing Strategist
• Motivational Speaker
• Professional Networker

I have been a business owner for over 25 years but can say for the first time; “I own my business it doesn’t own me.” I have traded in my Brick and Mortar for a Click and Order. This gives me financial and time freedom. My business operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I wake up when I am done sleeping and am able to work anywhere in the world there is a WiFi connection.

Life holds so many Possibilities and potential
you just need to open your eyes sometimes.

Real Estate Agent or Network Marketing

Our recommendation for anyone who is a real estate agent or in network marketing to stop using your corporate website! Too many times individuals promote a company's corporate website and wind up losing sales. 

If you are using your corporate website address similar to this

You need a Marketing Page. 

Most people will just type in the corporate name without the extension that directs that sale to you. Other times the person will misspell your name (or extension). 

A marketing page is a must have for anyone in business, especially if you are a real estate agent or in network marketing. Customers are searching “you” online - not the corporation. Believe it or not, there are 3.5 billion searches on Google per day. Someone online is searching for your exact service. Guess who’s getting their business?

People who visit your Marketing Page or website expect immediate gratification, which means visitors should be able to answer 3 questions within 3 seconds of landing on your page.

Who are you? - What do you do/offer? - How do I contact you? 

We live in the world of NOW. Consumers want the information immediately. Can people get this information on your corporate website? Your own marketing page will answer all these questions without the consumer needing to scroll down the page at all.

So – let us help you get at least a marketing page. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, but It needs to exist. It needs to be able to be found by search engines.

There are many uses for our marketing pages and websites. You can generate leads, interest, FREE traffic from Google and other search engines and revenue for your business. You’ll be branding yourself and/or your business at the same time. Not only are they a responsive design but they are mobile responsive too. This means your website will look great on both your desktop and mobile device.